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Customer Testimonials

Talena is great with animals and very trustworthy. Her connection to the Animal Hospital is excellent for those with sick or elderly animals. I highly recommend her!! You can't go wrong.

Christine S.

I met Talena while searching for someone to take care of my dog, Emie, while we were on vacation. She was great with her and Emie loved her! I will definitely hire her again!

Cindy D.

Talena has taken such good care of our senior cat, when we have had to be away. He is very shy, but always comes out for Talena. She has a special way with pets. Pets love her. Talena's responsibility and caring come through every time she takes care of pet.

Nancy B.

Talena and Melvin are wonderful! They love my furries, and it's totally mutual!! I always know everyone is extremely well cared for! Great communication, too.

Jane W.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Talena is great. Hershey loves her and looks forward to her daily walks :) Thank you Talena for caring for my pup it is appreciated.

Darlene C.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Talena's the best. My fur babies love her! They really look forward to her visits! “High praises to Nina's Furry Friends! “Affordable and reasonable prices too, especially compared to some of the other area dog walking companies.”

Mary B.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

While we were out of town for six days, Nina's Furry Friends did a great job in looking after our two cats, Sage and Smudge, who are ten-year-old brothers.  Of course they were glad to see us when we came back, but we could tell that they had been well cared for.  Thanks so much.
Seth R.
Felt very relived to have someone care for our cats while we were away. She loves all animals and they connect with her. Even my most shy cat came out to see her when she came for a visit before my trip. I appreciate all the time she takes with them. It's great to know your pets are being taken care of and loved while you are away.
Dorothy H.
Talena was great with my Rosko. He enjoyed the walks and play time.

Lisa S.

Happy pups, happy customers! Absolutely love Talena and how well she cares for our critters! She is organized and had it all under control so we could relax and know things were handled. We love her and our pets love her! Five stars for sure!

Jennifer B.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Talena started caring for our girls when Bailey was just 10 weeks old. I know they enjoyed her visits very much, and will miss her now that we are out of the area. Talena was dependable and really cares about the animals she cares for!

Lynda M.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Wonderful experience. Great care and attention given to my fur babies.

Alison E.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

We can not say enough good things about Nina's Furry Friends. From the our first meet and greet, we knew there was something special. Talena and her husband, Melvin, had come to our house, to meet our yellow lab, Cody. And at the same time, we were evaluating each other, as suitable pet sitter/pet owners. Right off the bat, you could tell Talena/Melvin were pet people. Loving, caring, and asking the right questions, that NEED to be asked, to establish a good relationship. Our defining moment, would be a week later, when Cody became deathly ill, with an undetermined diagnosis, and was to be put down. Thankfully, Talena/Melvin provides us with advice, emotional support, and above all....prayers. And miraculously, after 5 days of not eating/drinking, on the 11th hour, Cody decided to eat. And ever since, Nina's Furry Friends, has been our go to Petsitters. Dependable, professional, reliable, and accommodating. Along with the great customer service, pre, during, and post visit. Everything you look for, when your family is concerned. In our opinion, you can't go wrong with Nina's Furry Friends.

Matt S.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

I have used Nina’s Pet sitting services for over 7 months. Talena has been so wonderful for my two elderly cats.  We initially had a 3 week vacation and i did not want to leave my 2 older cats in a kennel for such a long period of time.  I was worried that they would be frightened not knowing what they did to be taken from home and locked in a cage for a long period of time. I wanted them to be home and comfortable. Talena took wonderful care of my cats.  She even gave my one cat, that needs pills twice a day, his pills with a pill shooter without traumatizing him.  She has taken wonderful care of my kitties numerous other times over the past 7 months during week long vacations and long weekends. While on vacation Talena sends me updates and pictures.  Priceless!  She is gentle and kind and you can tell she really loves taking care of animals.  Her prices are reasonable and I love that she does not nickel and dime me to death with a fee for this and a fee for that, otherwise I could not afford to use her services.  She is like a girlfriend who takes care of everything while I’m gone and I don’t worry that my cats are lonely or not being taken care of.  She comes to the house twice a day, feeds the cats (with their weird Idiosyncrasies), uses a pill shooter to give one cat his pills, and sits down to spend time petting and brushing them. She has truly bonded with my cats.  When I come home my house is clean, counters are clean, and litter boxes are clean.  She is just a warm and wonderful person I trust to take care of my babies when I’m gone.  She takes care of everything.  Talena is mature and trustworthy and most importantly…she loves my cats and they seem to love her too!!!

Linda S.